KALMAR Automotive delivers the next customer car KALMAR 7-97 #113

When the KALMAR 7-97 Journey begun, the “Automotive Haute-Couture” concept was introduced by Tom Kristensen. This next Customer car is a clear testimony to this philosophy. The KALMAR 7-97 #113 has been a rewarding process with the careful owner to reach something truly unique. 

The combination of classic old school Porsche Green with a carbon ducktail paired with the classic light brown interior and green carpet stands out. All details are darkened out in a deep black paint process, just like the outer details are kept sleek and minimalistic. Hidden fuel filler cap, radio system and heating system just to mention a few details “you won’t find”.

The KALMAR 7-97 it is not all about the looks. Together with our partners we have reached technical specifications in a class of their own. 1.165 kg in perfect balance ready-to-go. But it is our new “triple-4-engine” - a 4.1l engine producing over 400 hp, and 450 nm that lift it all to a piece of art and send the immense powers to the wide rear wheels via a 6-speed gearbox. This car moves forward like few.

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KALMAR Automotive is a producer and restorer of bespoke sports cars and special-purpose adventure vehicles. Established by Jan Kalmar, a Danish adventurer, passionate coachbuilder and petrolhead, KALMAR Automotive is dedicated to building and delivering immaculately engineered cars that combine classic design with modern technology and the finest engaging, analogue driving feel, to discerning enthusiasts and collectors around the world.

KALMAR Automotive’s sister company, KALMAR Beyond Adventure, was established to push the boundaries of what it means to embark upon a driving adventure. Visiting some of the most remote and extreme locations the world has to offer, KALMAR Beyond Adventure sets out to push both car and driver to the limit. Many of the cars used by KALMAR Beyond Adventure are developed and built by KALMAR Automotive.


KALMAR Automotive: www.kalmarautomotive.com

KALMAR Beyond Adventure: www.jankalmar.com